Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Typo Grids

This project actual wasn't anything to do with typography as of such but more about the Grids designers use to create their typography grid, instead i designed a 3d grid and mae the grid the peice of design it's self.
(photo above)
Andy joining in on my project, he was forced i must say.
This Was when i was experimenting with where my grid is going, believe me i tried many places but was good to be out in the fresh air.
i did begin to dislike this grid the amount of times i lugged it around with me but this was not why i burnt it don't worry!! i just wanted to document the process of it burning, This process did not come out as good as i expected but i did get a few good snaps.
After the Destruction, i even took it home with me after this again, i don't think i could part with it.
I also experimented with hanging type and symbols within my grid and burning, of course I'm me and the classic arrows had to be done.

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