Thursday, 30 April 2009

Death of the internet

The brief was if internet died and we had to advertise our self's as a designer then how would we do it, i chose print because it is traditional and can be used effectively without computers, the design can also be produced multiple times.
This was the set out of my desk for a couple of days i must say i could do this everyday all day and not get bored, probably stressed but not bored of it! I really enjoyed doing print and get right into the mess, listening to music doing prints all day experimenting with colours, textures etc, it was great!!!
I just put a picture of the heart on this post aswell, because i felt that this could even be a successfull print on its own.

I do realise the traditonal ways of printing isnt to everyones taste but i love the roughness and the uncertenness of the outcome, who wants to be clean cut and perfect all the time.

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