Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Red light door, This is a door which we stumbled across back from the red light district, it was the poster in the middle which drew me in, but there is quite allot of gems in this picture specially the BNE stickers!!

The Window, For hours we sat by this window in our hotel window watching the peaceful world go by , outside had buskers and all sorts to keep you entertained, this shot was taking at night with the one and only Teonie, I had to put this picture up of her purely because of the window but also because she had to keep putting up with me running off every time i saw something on a wall i wanted to get a picture of, however she got into the swing of it herself in the end.

Balou's coffee shop , a coffee shop that we happened to keep going to every morning ,where i spent the first hours of my 19th birthday, i loved it there , the old window looked out onto the street and this falling apart copa cabana sign which i like , i think because it is just so tacky!!! the walls where amazing the paintings where so detailed , I dread to think what was going through the peoples minds when doing them , they where pretty messed up , none of my photos of the walls came out good though !

Vers Fruit , Get off the main train station after a very short flight but a long night and i find a fruit shake shop i was so happy but i was more happy when i saw this cup , even drink cups are designed to perfection in this city!!

Market , We found this market just around the corner from our hotel on our last day, Sold so much old antique stuff , if you love car boots and junk you buy but never sue but just like to have to touch and feel then you would have enjoyed this market as much as i did.
Amsterdam , forget the red light forget the coffee shops , forget the river and the tall houses there nothing to the inspiration and hidden gems that you will find going there just a shame i didn't make it to any galleries!!

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